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Gesine’s tips for Punta del Este

Gesine’s tips for Punta del Este

Punta enjoys the pleasures of a small authentic village while combining it with modern, innovative and cultural offers. There is thus no doubt, it is Gesine’s favourite place to enjoy and work in. Here are our recommendations!


Enjoy coffee at Borneo in La Barra.

Whatever time, the warmth of the staff and one of the two terrasses will welcome you with open arms! The coffee is delicious, and their almond milk is homemade; if you’re adventurous try the typical chippa, they make the best in town!


For an easy quick lunch, you must try Fish Market in Manantiales.

The easy-going atmosphere is ideal for all, kids, adults and teens. The menu offers both simpler options and an array of unique, exquisite and delicate fish. Our favourite dish is the special nigiris!


The perfect after beach break is at Santa Teresita in Jose Ignacio.

Their arrangement of beautiful cakes, cookies and pies satisfies everyone. Enjoy the sofas under the shade of the trees and treat yourself to the best lemon pie in town. If afternoon snacks are not your thing, then you should go for their amazing lunch salad bar.  













 Eat, drink or party the feet in the sand at La Huella. 

La Huella offers a direct view to one of Punta’s most beautiful beaches as well as a menu that can only, please you. Whether it is for lunch, dinner or drinks you should come and enjoy this hotspot of the village. By the way, try the pulpo and have the volcan for dessert!

If you’re feeling like some astonishing art, we recommend The Atchugarry Museum of Contemporary Art. Surrounded by a beautiful garden of sculptures, the museum offers amazing architecture as well as monumental artworks from international artists.

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