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Recommendations from work trips to Peru

Recommendations from work trips to Peru

When you’re in Lima, our favorite place to stay is the Hotel Atemporal. The home-like atmosphere provides warmth while receiving the comfortable treatment of a hotel stay.


It is no surprise that the food in Lima is nothing short from exceptional, here our or two favourite restaurants: El Mercado and Osaka. Both will leave you fulfilled and satisfied from a delicious meal!

And if you have a little break, make sure to visit the Larco Museum, it will enchant you with its overview crossing over 5000 years of history.


When in Arequipa, Hotel Cirqa is our go to! It’s pleasant atmosphere and open spaces allow for productive workdays in all comfort!


A special place to visit is the Carrasco Hat Store, improbable and wonderful! Along with cultural visits, the ‘Monasterios’ are a must. Particularly the Santa Catalina and the Santo Catherine!


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