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Transparency Matters


Sharing our process empowers you with knowledge and gives the artisans and labourers behind WEHVE the attention they deserve.

Feel good in what you wear


Uruguay’s temperate climate and large pasture lands are excellent for sheep breeding. The sheep roam freely, and are only brought into the shearing hut once a year to get shorn by professional shearers. The process is easy and fluent, without stressing the sheep. Believe it or not, but when the treatment of the sheep lacks humanity, it shows in the quality of the wool.

High quality at the source


The wool is then thrown onto the sorting table and checked for fineness, stability, fullness, and resistance. Fleeces are washed to remove dirt, dust, vegetable matter, sweat, and wool grease.

Did you know that the wool grease is recovered and from it lanolin is extracted? You can find lanolin in your everyday beauty products. This zero waste approach is an essential part of the WEHVE philosophy.

Top Notch


Specific techniques such as carding, combing, and gilling prepare the wool for the spinning process, in which the wool is formed into a yarn. The processes conducted between scouring and spinning are collectively known as top making.

Spin me around


At WEHVE, we use a technique called ring spinning. As a result, our yarns have lower hairiness and pilling tendencies.

Live in color


The secret to the incredible colours of WEHVE designs lies in the artisanal process of kettle-dyeing in small pots. Old techniques are honoured and preserved, creating subtle nuances, striated colours, and fantastic shading.

Each piece is unique.

Wehve stands for weaving


As you probably know by now, WEHVE derives its name from weaving, the process of interlacing yarns.

WEHVE is different. We know our weavers personally, and they set the price for their labor knowing the value of their craft on the international market.

 100% Artisan made, with respect


WEHVE is actively contributing to the independence and autonomy of the people who dye and weave the collections. The end-result is sociallyconscious, collaborative, and creative. Above all, it's a testament to the knowhow and tradition of the artisans.

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