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    Circular Fashion

    Rework, the launch of a unique process for valorizing your “old” Wehve pieces!

    Since early 2014 and the founding of WEHVE, Gesine Holschuh has implemented sustainable and transparent practices. From the production practices to the recycling scheme, every aspect of the WEHVE supply chain is examined from a lens of sustainability. WEHVE is committed to constant evaluation and evolution of our processes, systematically improving our standards.

    We are thrilled to announce our new and ambitious recycling WEHVE REWORK scheme. We are now accepting pieces from our previous collections in exchange for a 100 EUR-voucher. The pieces are then reworked, brought together, embroidered and sold as unique pieces through the website.


    Keep an eye on our e shop to discover our recycled pieces. We will be releasing new designs and concepts with limited edition capsule collections. In 2021, we have designed a collection felted wool oven mittens made from prototypes and pieces you have returned to us!


    Customers, who would like to participate in our circular WEHVE REWORK process, should send their pre-loved WEHVE styles to our showroom in Brussels and we will send you a gift card of 100 EUR. Please note that we can only accept styles that are clean.

    WEHVE blankets and capes made by our company and carrying the original WEHVE label can participate, sweaters and scarves can unfortunately not be accepted.

    Each voucher can be used towards a new purchase on our website, multiple vouchers can not be combined towards a single purchase.

    Send us an email: with your full name and address and a picture of the WEHVE style you would like to recycle.

    Within 2 weeks maximum, you will receive your EUR 100,00 voucher by email. Every code is individual and can only be used once.

    We are giving a second life to your garments by enhancing them through embroidery, felting and thus creating new pieces and usages.